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Toyo Injection molding machine & Blow machine made in japan, available now HANA GROUP.

We are HANA Enterprise (Japan-Bangladesh Joint Venture). We have introduced an anti-viral Humidifier from Japan, which will inactive DNA/RNA virus, such as Avian Corona-virus, Avian Influenza-virus, bacteria & germs from spreading through a vapor. As we already know that it is tough to hygiene each and every person individually, here we can provide you the solution by setting one machine in a particular rooms/ gathering spaces that can easily cover the particular area and hygiene all the people. The machine can run for 12-16 Hours a day for your support.

The machine will run with water and our Anti-Viral solution. Our anti-viral solution is prepared with CDM formula, which is 100% organic and natural as a result it contains no side effect. Even if any of the employee/employer having allergy related problem/ asthma related problem won’t be affected with the use of this solution. The vapor will work for three particular sections.

  1. The vapor will hygiene the room first.
  2. The vapor will enter in the body through the breathing process and will inactive the virus throughout your internal body.
  3. Lastly it will clean the shirt, pant and accessories item and belongings through the airflow mixed with the vapor.

During the time of pandemic the machines help a lot of organizations and their employees to survive and a good amount of people even ordered for establish a machine in their houses as well. In this crucial time a little consciousness from your side can help not only the person to stay safe rather than a full family to feel tension free from this situation.

Please feel free to order or to contact for any further queries, the products are provided and links are listed below.

Clients List:

Prime Minister’s Office Bangladesh Secretariat NSI


Bangladesh Betar Dhaka Medical

National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Election Commission


National Institute of Neurosciences & Hospital Vat Office

Tax Officer NBR

Water Development Board PPPA


SB Office

Bangladesh Coast Guard Gana Bhaban


Bangladesh Bridge Association Scholars School

& Many Non-Government Organizations

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