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Hello i'm Harun Or Rashid, I lived in Japan about 22 years. That time I make a plan to do something for the country. When I started working for the creation of employment opportunities in the country a number of Japanese person wanted to invest in Bangladesh with me. In the meantime I started the business in 2008 in a Joint venture with Mr. Nishida Toji We started our business in the country on Agro base solution, Electronics Product, Food and Beverage and also setting up LPG Reserve station. According to that we started importing above product as well as Nano Hydrogen Rich Water to sales and marketing in local market. That time It was not affordable (Nano Hydrogen Rich Water) for every one due to high price. Therefore we taken a decision to go to production. According to that we established a Nano Hydrogen rich water factory at Mawna, Gazipur in 2019. Now everyone can buy it easily The every project for construction of LPG loading Jetty utilities are still ongoing and other up coming Bhola Bridge Construction (USD 992b) is in pending both Bangladesh(PPPA) and Japan Government (MLIT) by the fund preparation work of Hana Group. To deliver customer centric quality product and service through continuous innovation and efficiency.

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Production of Health Care Nao Hydrogen Rich Water (Hana-A-Class)  Livestock feed additives (Natural anti-biotic & grower). Hana injection molding machine ( made in japan). At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially we are supplying Anti-Viral Humidifiers with antivirus solution  to protect from the infections of Covid-19 and inactivation. Whilst Hana Group began to implement the energy project for import, storing & processing of LPG Liquefied Petroleum of BIDA under 100%  of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)  from Japan onward the completion of project may complete in 2023-24.

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